XML vs AJAX – Resales Online Web Integration

There seem to be some misunderstanding about AJAX vs XML integration for Resales Online websites.  I will try in this blog to set the facts straight.

XML: Add own listings via your website admin AJAX: Everything is done through either your Resales Online account. No more synchronization problems.  Your website is ALWAYS up-to-date. XML: SEO can be improved on ALL pages including every single listing
AJAX: Allows you to do the same AND make unlimited number of landing pages in NO-TIME …..

GREAT FOR SEO. XML: Change provider at any time & keep your existing website
AJAX: 2020 allows you to switch between Resales Online, Milenio Plus or any other Multi Listing Service (MLS) that supports AJAX.

XML: Inbound feeds from multiple providers – national & international
AJAX: Stick with one provider for a uniform user experience – avoid duplication and double cost.

XML: You manage which listings appear on your website
AJAX: and so can you with 2020 websites and besides that, both Resales Online, Milenio Plus and most other MLS systems offer that flexibility as a standard feature from their end.

XML: Admin access to all listings – improve SEO titles, descriptions & listing images
AJAX: Unless you want to change thousands of properties this is not a good idea and has no real impact on SEO. Instead make SEO FRIENDLY landing pages.

XML: Listing updates every 24 hours AJAX: Listing updates ARE instant

In  short: why use XML when there is AJAX


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